Australian and New Zealand cover for Jane Harper's The Survivors

The Survivors

Out now

Jane Harper's highly anticipated fourth novel The Survivors is out now in all English-speaking territories including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

The Survivors, a standalone mystery, is set on the Tasmanian coast.

Kieran Elliott’s life changed forever on a single day when a reckless mistake led to devastating consequences. The guilt that still haunts him resurfaces during a visit with his young family to the small coastal community he once called home.

Kieran’s parents are struggling in a town where fortunes are forged by the sea. Between them all is his absent brother, Finn.

When a body is discovered on the beach, long-held secrets threaten to emerge. A sunken wreck, a missing girl, and questions that have never washed away...

"I've really enjoyed writing this one," Jane said. "It's been a lot of fun researching and writing about such a fantastic part of the country."

The Survivors  book club notes (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Praise for The Survivors

"As always, Harper skillfully evokes the landscape as she weaves a complicated, elegant web, full of long-buried secrets ready to come to light."The New York Times

"It's now clear Harper has a gift...every book has a distinct landscape that plays a central part in the plot made possible by her uncanny knack of bringing scenery to life." Daily Telegraph

"Jane Harper creates an impressive landscape that serves to illustrate how the experience of place inevitably shapes the lives of those who live there." Sydney Morning Herald

"A crime-writing force of nature." Adelaide Advertiser

"The Survivors is yet another perfectly balanced, finely honed, deliciously atmospheric thriller from a writer who just seems to keep raising her own benchmark with each new book." Booktopia

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